GraphChecker is a Moodle (= OnCourse) plugin created by EdIn, which allows teachers to pose quiz questions with a graph as the answer. See also its website and project page for more background information.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to create a GraphChecker question. Our requirements are as follows:

Step 1: Making a quiz

Open OnCourse, and go to your course. We will start by making a new quiz to contain the question.

Note GraphChecker questions can also be inserted into an existing quiz, possibly already containing other questions. In this tutorial we make a new quiz so that later, we will be able to demonstrate how changing the quiz settings affects the question's behavior.

Step 2: Creating the question

You should now be on the quiz page.

Step 3: Editing the question

You should now be on GraphChecker's question edit form. We will fill it out section by section.

Step 4: Testing

As the final step, we will test the question to see what it looks like from the student side.


If you have followed along, we hope that you now have a good understanding of how GraphChecker works. Feel free to experiment with the other answer types and checks available, and with the advanced features that we skipped over in this guide. (Each field in the question editor has a question mark icon, which provides context-sensitive help.)

If you are stuck or have a question, please contact Arthur van Goethem or Willem Sonke. We can assist you if you run into problems, or if you need to extend the set of checks available.