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What is GraphChecker?

GraphChecker is a Moodle plugin that allows teachers to create exercises where the answer is a graph, automaton, Petri net, or similar. GraphChecker offers the following features:

Student perspective

Students see a graph editor in which they can enter their answer. On clicking the Check button, the answer is graded and feedback is provided to the student.

→ More about the student perspective

Teacher perspective

Teachers can use the question editor to select the graph type (undirected graph, state machine, Petri net, etc.) and what the requirements are for an answer to be correct.

→ More about the teacher perspective

Educational value

Online testing offers large benefits for individualized education as it can support fast feedback loops helping students quickly understand the concepts. As a part of blended learning such online tests can help traditional education become more effective. GraphChecker offers an intuitive environment that supports authentic testing where students can answer graph-based exercises by drawing and editing their answer as they would on paper. GraphChecker implements open-ended exercises that can be graded with the precision of closed-type exercises, hence offering reliable and quick feedback loops to students.